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Rovaniemen Kansalaistalo & Rovaniemen Neuvokas

Rovaniemen Kansalaistalo offers information, a variety of support and activities to the residents of the Rovaniemi area.

We organize different kind of group activities and events that are open to everyone. We organize also food aid for people who need that kind of support.

Rovaniemen Neuvokas is responsible for the operation of the Rovaniemen Kansalaistalo. Rovaniemen Neuvokas is northernmost center of volunteers in Finland.

The operation of Rovaniemen Kansalaistalo is financed by the city of Rovaniemi and STEA (Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations).

Visit us:
Rovaniemen Kansalaistalo
Rovakatu 23
96200 Rovaniemi




Multi-cultural center MoniNet

The multi-cultural center MoniNet also operates in the Rovaniemen Kansalaistalo (2nd floor). The aim of MoniNet work is to promote communication between immigrants and Finnish people as well as to support the acculturation of the immigrants.

Visit MoniNet:
Rovakatu 23, 2nd floor
96200 Rovaniemi
tel. 040 559 6564

Entrance is in Rovakatu.

Read more about MoniNet:
Contact information of MoniNet